Intellectual Property

Defending Intellectual Property Claims

In those circumstances where our clients are implicated in infringing or abusing a parties' Intellectual Property legal rights, Childress Ahlheim Cary LLC could assist in your defense. Our firm will create a winning strategy to deal with the accusations. We counsel our clients, so they are in a better position to deal with allegations.

Intellectual PropertyChildress Ahlheim Cary LLC experience in defending Intellectual Property claims through research and investigation often leads to a successful resolution. You can continue with your daily obligations and routine while our attorneys handle your case. We offer different legal alternatives and act proactively when defending the intellectual property accusations or claims against your corporation.

Your corporation's Intellectual Property is one of its most treasured possessions. Childress Ahlheim Cary acknowledges the relevance of safeguarding your firm's Intellectual Property. We defend your company's rights to its Intellectual Property and against 3rd party's supposed legal rights to your material.

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